Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC Watchdog Violation with blue screen of death appears on screen which stops normal processing of your system. The error occurs due to several reasons, it could be incompatible firmware for version of Windows or your device drivers are outdated.

This article is set of steps to help you troubleshoot DPC Watchdog Violation.

Troubleshooting Steps

· Update Firmware of SSD

· Update Device Drivers

· Repair Windows 8 Registry

Update Firmware of SSD

If you have solid state SSD in Windows 8, it would result in DPC Watchdog Violation. It could be reason that installed SSD can’t handle the version of operating system correctly. Updating 

Firmware on drive can help you resolve this problem. Updated Firmware would handle thing correctly. To update Firmware, follow the instructions given below.

1. GOTO Windows 8 Desktop and Press WinKey + X | It will show you Power User menu

2. Select Control Panel and click on System

3. Select Device Manager and click on the ARROW next to drivers

4. Save the model number and open Google in browser

5. In Google type the model number + Firmware

6. It would show you results | Select manufacturer’s website to download updated Firmware

7. Once Firmware is installed successfully, restart your PC

Update Device Drivers

Conflicting device drivers can cause DPC Watchdog Violation. In some cases the error occurs when installed drivers are not compatible with latest version of Windows. In this case you need to update device drivers. Follow the instructions given below to update device drivers.

1. On Windows Start menu click on Settings under apps

2. In the Settings write Device Drivers and press Enter

3. Now click on update device drivers in searched results

4. In the list of installed devices Right-Click on Device for which you want to update driver

5. Select update device software

6. Click on First Option that is “Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows will search your computer and the Internet for the latest driver software for your device, unless you’ve disabled this feature in your device installation settings”

7. Now you can download updated device driver for your device

Repair Windows 8 Registry

Windows 8 Registry stores information related to installed programs. In some cases, Registry entries are either outdated or corrupted. When these entries are outdated, you may face errors like DPC Watchdog Violation. To solve this problem, repair Windows 8 Registry by applying instructions given below.

1. Download and install some reliable system utility software which is compatible with Windows 8 and scan your system through it. 

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